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The world is changing at a fast pace, meaning we have to stay ahead of the game just to keep up. No longer can we put all our faith into the NHS to treat us, the police to take care of public order or indeed, even for supermarkets to stock all the luxuries we're used to. For us not only to survive but also to get on well as a society, it's time to move away from state-funded services and instead give support to each other.


As a response to these ongoing changes, this page has been created to bring together independent traders, organizations and those in need of their services. Whether you're looking to educate yourself about your rights, take your kids out of school or start supplying your own energy, rest assured that someone out there is already doing it and would be more than happy to assist you. Over time, this list will grow as more and more people come on board.


So... what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a look...!





Roots to the Future

Offers an alternative to the national curriculum with courses in bushcraft, adventure sports, the arts, music, mindfulness, carpentry and much more. Open to children and adults who want to learn in an authentic rather than sterile environment.

National Community Learning Hubs

NCLH is made up of independent tutors across the country, each offering sessions in their specialized area(s). They aim to make practical skills and emotional development easy and accessible to all children.

Hope Sussex

NCLH is made up of independent tutors across the country, each offering sessions in their specialized area(s). They aim to make practical skills and emotional development easy and accessible to all children.

Education Otherwise

A charity spanding across England and Wales, to defend a parent or guardian's right to home educate. You can also find groups local to you through the online community.


People's Health Alliance

The resource centre for a happier and healthier lifestyle. PHA consists of both allopathic and alternative practitioners, in order to give you a greater choice over your body and mind. 

The Truth About Cancer

Contrary to what the media may tell you, there is in fact a whole wealth of knowledge on how to treat, cure and prevent cancer. Start your discovery journey here...

When Push Comes To Shove

Everything you could possibly want to know about home birthing, midwifery and giving yourself and your child the best possible start to life.

Inspekta Veg

Turn to Inspekta for raw, highly nutritious herbs, ready to make into teas and tinctures. He also creates and composes music independently, which is worth a listen.

Infinity Alignment

Healing centre with practitioners in UK and Slovenia, with a variety of specializations. They also provide workshops, masterclasses or training to become a healer yourself.



Food & Farming

The Growing Project

Giving tips and support to anyone wishing to use their balcony, garden or allotment to grow their own produce. TGP encourages community living, shopping from local farmers and traders rather than supermarkets.

Contact TheGrowingProject@protonmail.com

Produce & Provide

Join thousands of farmers from all over the UK and find exactly what you need. Shop for fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, eggs and other produce to either collect in store or have delivered to your doorstep.


Entertainment & Social

Stone Cold Sober

Bring your partying experience to the next level by going.... completely sober. Learning to unwind on your own, through the power of team spirit and your own excitement, is a valuable skill indeed. Events and retreats hosted periodically.


Joinavision has community at its core. You can look up nationwide for hubs of people ready to support each other in any given area and encourages you to share a skill you're passionate about.

Love, Evolved

For anyone wishing to attract a loving partner, to improve a mediocre relationship or even a good functioning relationship. To catapult your connections to an entirely new level: here is your specialist.

URUBU Ecstatic Dance

Explore your self-expression through dance and freedom of movement. Connect, improvise and enjoy a completely different style of night out.



Empower the People

Educate yourself in the field of common law and your true rights as a living man or woman. ETP invites you to join its own private, self-governed society as run by us, the people. Services, benefits and weekly meetings are available to all paying and non-paying members.

Lanier Law Firm

A US-based firm with a specialization in health-related cases. The founder has researched mesothelioma cancer extensively (in relation to asbestos exposure) and is happy to support clients with lawsuits or treatment advice.

Stacey's World Rocks

Free yourself from the obligations of paying tax, bills through empowering knowledge. You'll come out knowing who you are and how to deal with so-called authority figures.

Lawyers for Liberty

The Lawyers are here to defend human rights when the normal judicial system fails. Call on them for help and advice in any tricky situations, involving discrimination or bias.


Give a range of resources on all things finance related, allowing you peace of mind with your money both now and in the future.


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