Healing H'arts presents:
B'right in Brecon 

Sunday 4th August 2024

Join us for a lush conscious get-together for music, healing, arts and networking.  Our 1-day event in May 2024 is open to adults and children followed by overnight camping, should you wish to continue the fun.



Who's On

Liz Rich

"I qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1984. My interest in herbs began when a herbalist successfully treated me for a tropical illness called psitticosis.

My talk in The Hiraeth Gallery will be centred on stress, be that physical or mental and the physical effects that this state of agitation can produce.
Symptoms such as persistent irritability, insomnia, fearing the worst, appetite changes, muscle tension, depression etc. can all be symptoms of unmanaged stress.  Certainly, the person suffering with the anxiety is the one with the inside knowledge as to it's causes.

During my talk I will be discussing relevant plants etc. that are suitable for stress management."

Tel No 01874638873

Adi Lee

Poet musician 

Songs of love hurt pride and a day in the life and of a working class poet. 

Ukulele and guitar originals.


Realness is a truth speaking conscious hip hop artist. Deep heartfelt lyrics over catchy beats to raise human consciousness! From hip hop to motivational music, Realness sends us the message of Love and Knowledge on a multitude of levels.


He also has a clothing line that sells truth T Shirts & Hoodies to help nudge the masses! Eye catching designs and deep quotes to get passers by thinking. Some of these will be available on the day too.


For the full range, check out https://truthtshirts.bigcartel.com



Michael De Souza

Michael De Souza is not just a rapper; he is an oracle of the metaphysical, a guide through the cosmic corridors of consciousness. Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern philosophy, he fuses the teachings of sages with the beats of the street. He produces independently with frequencies set to the vibrations of 432hz.

In a world often overshadowed by superficiality, Michael De Souza emerges as a beacon of light, a conscious and spiritual rapper whose artistry is not just heard but felt. Through the power of rhyme and rhythm, they invite all who listen to embark on a transformative journey—a journey into the sacred corridors of the self.


Soon Man Soon

Vocalist and guitarist.

Soonmansoon is a singer and songwriter based in East London. His songs are notes to self, exploring what it is to be alive in all its beauty, ugliness and humour. He hopes it will resonate with others too...


Live Debate Panel

Are there particular subjects which catch your interest? A point of view you want to share?

Join our open discussion on life, the universe and everything in this 2 hour slot hosted by Smudger. All guests are welcome to step forward and contribute, whether they agree with each other, or agree to disagree.

Open Mic

Extra artists will be joining us on the open mic.


Guests are also welcome to stand up and give us a show.


Bring your voices and instruments!

More Artists TBC...

Stalls & Businesses

Harmonize Self Care

seamoss gels, dandelion root capsules and balms, cleanse kits, bath soaks with crystal infused aromatherapy.

Earth Angel Wellness

A collection of natural non-toxic products. Candles, books, incense, herbs, essential oil-based bath soaks and rollers, and more.

YeahMan Oils

Healing CBD oils, with additional chocolates, capsules and pipette bottles.

Star Willow Creations

A whimsical stall cloaks, pixie wear, mead, kimchi and fire cider. You can also get some dreadlocks done if you choose to.

TwentyEleven Tattoo

Lino prints, handmade jewellery and other original artworks.

Vibehood Face Paints

Children and adults alike can enjoy having their face or hands coloured in a design of your choice. There will also be books and a magazine on sale.

Kangen Water

Listen to our demo as we talk about the benefits of filtration. Some Kangen products will be on sale too.

Meet our team

Dean Smith

The Word Smith

"I have been on this journey of self discovery for 3.5 years and have invested a lot of time in investigating myself and my surroundings by way of “The Word”

My passion is to teach others what I have learned whilst actively engaging in heartfelt conversations. I feel my souls journey is to help others as much as I can as this is what makes me feel good. 

I am a father of 2 and a professional Bare Knuckle Fighter. I served 8 years in the British army and this gave me a lot of experience and knowledge of the world and the mechanics by which it turns." 


Charged by the sun

"My career background for the last 10+ years has been in ABA therapy and teaching SEN.   
I now also work with various holistic therapies including sound healing, breathwork and meditation as well as creating natural healing products.
I can usually be found with the fairies at the waterfalls or hugging trees in the forest because in all seriousness the modern world can leave us very disconnected and energetically drained. It's vital that we recharge through connecting with ourselves and Gaia.

My mission always has been, and always will be to safeguard and protect the children because goddess knows they need fierce Mama Lions on the front line now more than ever."

Boe Nanni

Team Builder

Born of space
Passing through the unknown nowhere 
Heading for the someway  somewhere 
In this eternal state 
we call

"I came to do nothing 
To be no one
With and all for one
In the way of no way....
I AM You"

"All life is suffering 
But all is love
Love is a verb 
A verb is a doing word
And effort is sexy" 

Carol Smith

Mother of Dean

Carol's warm presence will be around the festival and you may have the pleasure of tasting one of her cakes.

 She takes no nonsense and stands for what is right. Every time.



Creative Writer & Healer

Karen works predominantly with women and children, healing inner child wounds ( for the adults ) and guiding the little ones to stay true to their calling.
By providing a safe environment and the tools of empowerment she encourages people to shine bright with all of the natural gifts and qualities that they posses. She will be running the Earth Angel Wellness stall.

Karen has studied and practices different holistic therapies and personal training but firmly believes that it is in connecting with our inner child and living a life of love and acceptance on our journey, that most growth happens.

Akin Isa

Vibe Generator

Also the host of this website.

You will find out more about my projects and who I am in general from the various pages and links on this site. By nature I am a creative, always  on the go and love to connect with people.

At B'right in Brecon you will find me on the face paints stall and ramping up that energy on the stage.

Find Us

Camping Options

After the festivities have finished, you are invited to set up camp at Pen Y Crag

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