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Why specialize in one thing, when you can do many?

Welcome to the official site of young author and freelancer, Akin Isa. This platform is where I will be promoting my books, creations and a variety of services which you might be interested in. Take a look at the services I provide and feel free to make an enquiry through my details at the bottom this page. This is the joy (and hard work) of being your own boss. I'm also passionate about helping people step into their power and creating a life that truly lights them up, hence you'll find a good few blog pages with tips, techniques and stories from my own experience to help you do this.  Lastly, if you find this type of content makes you tick, don't forget to subscribe to my email list for news, offers and the occasional surprize!

Freelancer to hire

Hertfordshire/Essex based

When it comes to work, I don't believe there in having one set task to complete, day in, day out. This type of lifestyle can be difficult when starting out, but with the range of experiences it gives, I would say it is definitely most rewarding! For this reason, I'm bundling all my skills together onto one page, so that you can take a look and order whatever it is that takes your fancy. The main industries I cover are:

  • Events, parties and entertainment

  • Language and writing

  • Art, design and illustration

  • Hospitality

So go ahead, take a look at some of the examples on this page, but don't hesitate to get in touch should you need more footage, details, or to get a quote.


Face painting

Make your face a piece of art for the day! Available to work at fairs, parties and festivals, for children and adults alike.


Freestyle & acrobatic dance

Allow me to bring the joy of dancing to complement any musical event, whether that be live or recorded. This could be at a venue, outdoor gig, or entertaining the kids by teaching a short dance routine.

Matroyshka Dolls

Jobs on Ice


Figure skating is my passion and lifeblood. Where ice is concerned, the job market is rather niche. Nonetheless, you can count on me to perform or marshal at your rink, or take part in any ice-related projects. Click the button above to watch my latest showreel! 

Russian Language

Russian and English are my two mother tongues. I would be happy to put this knowledge to use by translating text from one to the other, or teaching Russian on a conversational level.

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