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Jack of all Trades

Now that I'm getting into the swing of things, I've set up a Services page where you can access examples of my work. But if you still want to learn a little of the meaning behind it, read on...

This post is going to be dedicated to a little self promo, because what's the point in having a lot of abilities if you can't... well... use them?

Just in general, I don't like society's tendency to put everyone into boxes, sticking a label on them - you guys are the scientists, this is the arty bunch, you are the lazy, unemployed ones... Who says you cannot be an opera singing, horse riding, accounts expert? Who says you can't be a doctor who builds websites in their free time? Who says you have to be anything at all? Anyway.

Below I list the services I am comfortable to offer on a professional level.

  • Dance: freestyle, acrobatic, contemporary, dance videos, private events, gigs, festivals

  • Writing: short articles, proofreading (up to 2000 words)

  • Russian: teaching basic and conversational level, translation to/from English

  • Events: children's face painting, mascots, walkabout entertainer, any events on ice

  • Concept design (fantasy/creative purposes): names, characters, world building, outfits/costumes

  • Illustration: sketches, watercolour, basic digital graphics

My list of skills hasn't finished growing yet, so stay tuned in from time to time. We live and we learn!

Please note I will ask for reimbursement if travel is required. To get in touch, just follow the links on my homepage.

Here's to success 🥂❤

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