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Prepare for Showtime!

Of all the sports on Earth, it had to be figure skating. Had to pick that one sport which is among the hardest to master, and even harder to keep consistent. Why do we skaters choose to put ourselves through that...?

Despite the challenges, anyone who's stood on a pair of skates and managed to get past the wobbly stage will have caught a taste of what freedom is really like. Once you start to glide, all of a sudden, a whole new world opens up - and the potential is limitless. Any high level sportsperson will tell you that the feeling of being the master of your own body, to see a limit but then overcome it, is one of life's sweetest experiences. It seems to be that's how little children (and adults!) catch the figure skating bug. It's certainly what hooked me in, and my ambition for this to be what I do on the daily and get paid for has never wavered since! To now be on the doorstep to a career, so many years later, is almost surreal, hard to describe. To my parents and every other person who has told me this pursuit is a waste of time, which can never be any more than a hobby:

Watch this.

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