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Would you take part in a book launch?

The build up to a book's first ever release is perhaps the most crucial stage in its life. You need to create the right amount of excitement, get people talking about it - and that's the way you set off for a good start. At least, that is the aim. If you have read my previous post, then you'll have got a pretty solid picture of the motives behind my book, and a little on what it's about.

I invite you to join my small team who would look forward to seeing Randouka in print, and to show support as changes have to be made, before it finally goes 'out there!' The poster below shows all the details you need to know, which I have been busy putting up in some local shop windows.

Just to reiterate here, I would be happy for anyone who simply wants to purchase the book, but anyone who can go the extra mile by leaving a review and a recommendation to someone else will receive a lot of appreciaation and goodies in return!

If this sounds good to you, drop an email to the contact at the bottom of the page. I will be sure to answer quickly.

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