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YOU are the main character of your story

It seems I haven't been writing much lately.

Lack of ideas? Well, no, not in the past 15 years. There has never been a shortage to my imagination.

No, what I have been doing instead is proactively taking part in the story of my own life - and when there's a lot going on, that's no mean feat. It's no crime to curl up with a book when you need some good ol' me-time, but to substitute that to the real life adventures out there, just waiting to happen? There's literally no comparison.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: grab life by the handle bars, tame your problems and ride them like the wild, runaway horses that they are, towards that light at the end of tunnel. The light, which is that thing that motivates you and must never leave your range of sight. If you don't have at least one goal or ambition, I would highly recommend discovering one for yourself. Any goal, however big or small, gives a great value to our lives and a framework to go about our day. There is no limit to the things you may wish to achieve and over what timescale (will this task be for a few days? Weeks? Years? Obviously, larger goals will need to be broken down into step by step chunks). The only boundary, then, is to stay true to yourself, rather than following the ideas and expectations others will try to set you. One of the biggest regrets people find (and often too late in life) is when they have pursued an ambition and career that wasn't truly right for them, but went along with the university, training and stepping stone jobs anyway. Why? Because someone else convinced them it was right. Peers. Society. Parents. There are many influences. But the key to happiness in this area of life is having the clear-sightedness and willpower to say no to these influences, when we know better what our calling is.

Equally, don't beat yourself up for not aiming for the moon and back. Not everyone wants the moon. Some of us are just happy to stay here on Earth. For some of us, the biggest achievement of all might be taking a few steps to the opposite side of the room. It's all perspective, and our personal needs.

Outside influences have a habit of trying to take control of your life, your actions, your choices. Some go as far as trying to control your feelings (take the advertizing industry, for example). And unfortunately, those of us who are more passive, or just uncertain, will let them do that. Becoming clear on what you want from the time you've got, should be a top priority.

As an author, I can't help but think of my life in terms of a story book - and have even written myself a blurb - but we won't go into that one now. If story characters can go on epic quests, scrape through intense situations and become the best, most badass versions of themselves as can be - why can't you? The script is literally in your hands. What type of adventure do you want?

There's no excuse to say that this world is boring, it's not magical, that nothing extraordinary ever happens to me/ my family/ my town. There are others on this exact same world as you, who have the most exciting time of all. So the only thing that could possibly be setting you apart from these people is your own attitude, lifestyle, or location. if you're craving something better, take action to get out of that place.

The pen is yours. Get scribbling.

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