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Welcome to Vibehood!

The short story...

Vibehood is an organization for the real people with an interest in self-improvement, philosophy and spirituality. Here to support seasoned warriors as well as complete beginners who are curious about entering the unknown. Subscribe to our substack to access content on a whole range of mind-blowing topics. We have created two group chats where you share your thoughts , experiences and keep up to date with our news and activities. We're a down-to-earth, fun-loving bunch who above all want to see our members grow into strong, happy individuals.

Ready to raise the vibes?

The long story...

There is so much in this world that we don't know about, almost as if we were chucked into the ocean at birth and just expected to swim. No one bothered to show how. No one even explained what the ocean actually is. We may have had parents or well-meaning teachers help us navigate along the way, but when their own worldview is limited, there's only so far you can get...

We will inevitably be faced with challenges again and again, so unless you can keep your wits about you and treat them as a learning block, too often they will be allowed to get the better of us.


Think of your life as your ocean. You might be fully immersed in the experience of living it and having an amazing time, but when you can see nothing but water and are putting in all your energy just to stay afloat, that's not nearly as fun. Here at Vibehood, we would like to offer you a new perspective: it doesn't have to be that way. If you wanted to, you can start practicing how to fly above your day-to-day experiences. Like the falcon, who is able to see the bigger picture of what's going on in the world and rise above. Or you could dive deep into the depths of what makes you you, uncovering hidden talents, purpose and trauma that needs resolving. It is only because as a society we've become so scared of questioning what's beyond our direct field of vision (sometimes even what is in it!) that exploration isn't as commonplace as it should be. But as I've said, that can - and will - be changed in the years to come, starting now. How to do that? By working in the place you have the greatest influence of all - yourself.

Subjects that we will be covering include, but aren't limited to

  • Optimising your headspace

  • Philosophizing on what this reality is and how it works

  • Benefits of breathing and meditation

  • Identifying your weak spots and improving them

  • Dropping the baggage

  • Get on track with what you truly want to be doing

  • How ancient beliefs and cultures influence today's world

  • Rewiring old programs in the subconscious brain

We will also be putting together a membership scheme (later on - there are no charges to join!) to access 1-2-1 services and extra content.

Why vibe?

Well, it's like motherhood, but you become a vibe. We are committed to becoming the best version of ourselves and keep pressing forward. Say goodbye to procrastination.


The people who you share your time with will rub off on you. No matter whether the effects are big or small, inevitably, somehow, you will both be changed. So it makes sense to surround yourself with people who fire you up, get you laughing, excited to start the day ahead and feel confident within yourself. That's why we've created a group founded on pure, infectious energy, which will eventually leave you with no choice but to become your own positive vibe generator and reality changer. To then pass on to the next people you come across.

It's equally important to hold a safe space where people can express their beliefs and stories without fear of being judged. Not everyone is ready for this path. If you have a tendency to want to stir trouble, criticize others for thinking differently and are triggered whenever anyone challenges yours, it might be that Vibehood isn't for you. Which isn't a problem. Harmony is essential for everyone to get the best out of the community, so there is no shame in opting out. That said, we should hope new members would be open to put their differences aside and embrace ideas they may have never heard of before.

Thanks for submitting!

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